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Popular Programming Languages to Learn This Year

There are many programming languages that are being used by developers around the world to develop various applications. So the question is which are most popular languages to be used in 2021 and where to invest the time and energy to learn a language that is going to be of value. You would want to put your time to good use and would like to make sure that the languages you choose to learn are those that are most in demand in the market and have a long term value as well. After all if you want to start or advance a career in software development you must get good training in the popular programming language. If you are not sure where to start do not have to worry we will provide you with relevant information that will help you make this important decision. We will give you information of most popular programming languages to learn in this write-up. When we decided to find out about the most used languages there were two questions that we thought about the first one being that which are the most sought after languages right now and the second one being which ones are growing in popularity and will be in demand soon. Its not about following the trends but a language’s popularity can indicate its prominence in the market. As a general rule of thumb the more used or common a language is, the more likely is the programmer will have to deal with it at work. To find out which skills are going to be the most sought after we stressed on two aspects a) the languages developers report they use and want to continue using; and b) the languages that developers are interested in using. It was found as per Stack Overflow that Python was the most popular language in 2019 and 2020 and the most wanted were Python, JavaScript and Go for both the years. Python has held the top rank in most commonly used, loved and wanted.

Ranking as per popularity of most used languages in 2021 is as follows:

  1. Python – Python is one of the most used programming languages and is easy to learn for beginners and for those who do not have a programming experience. With the advent of data science and analytics the requirement of Python has increased manifold, it is now a popular language for machine learning and deep learning applications. It is a free, open source programming language with extensive support. There is availability of support modules, developer community, web services based integration, data structures that are user friendly, and GUI based desktop applications.  Python is a language that enables use of different programming styles i.e. functional, object-oriented, reflective etc. when creating programs. Several digital tools that are popular have been developed using this language, these include YouTube, Google search, iRobot machines to name a few. Python is an exceptional programming language which is very expressive. Python is ideal for beginners and experienced alike. The language comes with extensive library support. Over 50% of hiring managers seek candidates who know Python. Python is easily the most demanded programming language of 2021.
  2. Java – This is one of the most popular languages amongst the developer community that is used very extensively across the globe by many developers. It is used for e-commerce, finance and extensive application development purposes across various domains. It is a very popular general use and object -oriented programming language used develop complex applications. In object oriented programming developers create objects that comprise of functions and data, which is further used to provide structure for programs and applications. Java currently ranks as the third most sought after language by hiring managers globally as of today. There is a reason for the popularity of this language this language is relatively easier to learn and use, this language is very secure and can handle big amount of data. These and some other features make this language a popular language for the online finance sector and for developing multiple applications that are used in this domain of banking, billing and stock market. It is a very versatile language that makes it more popular. No wonder this language is touted as “write-once, run anywhere” language. This is one language that can run on any operating system irrespective of operating system that was used to develop that application. It is thus ideal for developing apps for mobile phones, computers, sensors, remote processors and variety of multiple consumer utility products. Today there are in access of 3 billion devices running applications built with java. Java is also being used on the backend of several popular websites including Google, Amazon, Twitter, and YouTube. New java frameworks like Spring, Hibernate and Struts are in great demand and with millions of developers across the globe there are multiple ways to learn the language. Java programmers have a very extensive support and online community with strong support to solve the problems.
  3. Kotlin – This is a general purpose programming language originally developed and came into existence in 2011. The first official version was released in the year 2016. This is a programming language that is interoperable with java that makes it a versatile language as it supports functional programming languages. Kotlin is extensively used for Android apps, web apps, desktop application and server side application development as well. The main focus was to develop a language that is even better than Java and the language indeed turned out to be better as planned and the developer community believes that it has actually happened that way. There are major companies like Google that are using Kotlin to develop apps, some other prominent companies that have been using this language to develop apps are Coursera, Pinterest and many more. While the JVM version of Kotlin’s standard library depends on the Java Class Library there is a type inference feature that makes the syntax highly concise. The good thing is that there is a provision to Kotlin can also compile to JavaScript or native code (via LLVM). It was in year 2019 that Google declared Kotlin as the preferred language for Android App developers. After this action of Google the popularity and demand for this language has taken a quantum leap. What is of importance is that it has a readable syntax and complete compatibility with Java and to add to it there is a strong support from Google’s community that is also very big.
  4. Go – Like many other languages Go is also an open source, statically typed, compiled programming language that has been designed and launched by Google developers in the year 2009. This can be termed as a young language but it has delivered big results. It has now become one of the fastest growing programming languages due to its simplicity in addition to the advantage provided to handle multicore and networked systems and massive codebases. Popularly known as Golang, Go was specially developed to meet the needs of programmers working on big assignments and projects. Many large IT companies have been taking projects related to this language due to its simple and modern structure and syntax familiarity. There are many prominent companies that are using Go as their programming language the major of them are Uber, Google, Dropbox among many other companies. Due to its agility and performance this is one language that is also gaining prominence among the data scientists. The language has a simplistic syntax. While it has static typic feature and runtime efficiency like widely used C++, the unique feature is that its readability and usability functions bear resemblance to Python and JavaScript enhancing its utility. Go also enables high-performance networking and multiprocessing. Another thing to highlight is that this language finds place in GitHub’s list of one of fastest growing programming languages.
  5. Ruby on Rails – Ruby on Rails is a server side web application framework that has been written in Ruby. You can easily state that this is a Model-View-Controller (MVC) type of framework that has default structures for the database, created web service and developed web pages. Main objective of Ruby on Rails is to ensure that sturdy and legible programs are created and there is following of the motto of “least astonishment.” It is planned in the manner in which JSON or XML and the like of web standards are promoted for data transfer purposes and other web standards the likes of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS are promoted for user interfacing. Since the time it came into existence Ruby on Rails has extensively influenced web app development. It is all because of the unique features like seamless database table creations and supporting of views to enable a faster application development with major focus on constructive development principles like convention over configuration (CoC) and don’t repeat yourself (DRY). Now there is also a large community providing useful support that has converted Ruby on Rails into a superb language for web development. Many web app development apps are now happening via Ruby on Rails. It can also be termed as a web application framework that has been implemented in Ruby. This is an easy language to be written that has resulted in large community and growing interest for the language amongst freshers. One can also plan to earn a handsome salary if one knows the language well.
  6. C# – This is also an open source object oriented language developed by Microsoft in 2002 that is multi-paradigm and general purpose and popularly used. It comprises of generic, object oriented, functional, strong typing, lexically smartly scoped, declarative and component oriented programming principles. C# has a special purpose it has been developed to be used in web development, networking and also software development for distributed environments. If you want to develop complex applications for hosted and embedded systems you can use C# for that purpose. This can be made possible in the environment from complex and advanced operating systems to niche systems that have got dedicated features and functionalities. Because of the features it brings C# is a versatile language as it has the capability to enable development of wide range of applications including mobile apps, web apps, front-end and back-end systems etc. There is also a dedicated built in .NET core machine learning platform, ML.NET. This is a cross platform and an open source ML framework that can be used to develop complex ML applications by .NET developers. Because of the versatility of the language a developer can plan to earn handsome salary post knowledge acquisition of this language. This language is also used for game development and VR in addition to mobile, desktop and web apps.
  7. Perl – Perl is a dynamic programming language developed by Larry Wall in 1987. This language is high-level, general purpose and highly interpreted. The main purpose for which this was designed was to make Unix scripting for text manipulation and report processing a simpler task. Now Perl is used for many other purposes that include web development, network programming, system administration, and GUI development. Such is the value of Perl that person who knows this language can expect to earn 54 percent more than what an average developer earns thereby giving boost to earning potential. It is worth noting that majority of the programmers who know this language are senior developers. It will be ok to say that learning this language can give a raise to a junior programmer and enhance the earning potential as well. PERL is short form of Practical Extraction and Report Language and is prominently a scripting language that can be used to extract information from the text files and create valuable reports. Most of the programming languages are compiled languages wherein a target machine translates the program, Perl is an interpreted language and an “interpreting” machine locates the code and executes the task as well. Also interpreted programs require more CPU but when Perl is used it creates short scripts that can be processed quickly and CPU may not be required that much. Key point to note is that Perl borrows features from other programming languages as well including C, Shell Script, and AWK. Other thing to note is that its syntax is quite similar to C and it is compatible with XML, HTML and other mark-up languages and also Unicode is supported by it. It also has a database integration interface DBI that supports numerous other databases such as MySQL, Oracle, Postgres and Sybase etc.
  8. JavaScript – This language is used for web development, game development, mobile apps and developing web servers. According to Stack Overflow survey JavaScript is the most commonly used language in the world (69.7%), followed by HTML/CSS, SQL, Python and Java to name a few. It helps to manage the way the web pages behave. Animated graphics, interactive maps are some of the dynamic web elements that developers can create and put to good use. Developers who are using HTML/CSS and JavaScript together have a good control over the web based features that are developed and that are used to showcase important aspects on the web. When used in tandem these features give better control of the website and a better user experience. JavaScript is the most commonly used coding language around the world and is also one of the easiest language to learn. There is no need of any prior coding experience to learn this language. Once you start learning it you can practice and start creating web applications simultaneously. Since the language is so widely used there are many communities, courses and avenues of professional support available online.

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