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Top Technology Trends to Watch This Year

Technology is getting changed at a much faster pace than expected. It is getting adopted at a very fast rate, causing an enhanced rate of change, until it actually becomes exponential. Due to COVID-19 there are lot many things that are evolving and getting changed at a very fast pace thereby giving new direction of growth to technology. Technology is getting adopted and enables a new role for IT professionals without the professionals coming in contact with their peers, and this is all due to the new transformational technology. 2021 is the year that requires IT professional to absorb knowledge related to new technologies for which there is more demand necessitated as it enables working remotely in these tough times. What change does it actually bring? Well the new situation arising out of pandemic requires working remotely and to stay in line to deliver results one has to have an updated set of skills enabling to work from home and deliver productive output. This requires one to be aware of the technological trends in the market, keeping an eye on to know skills in future to secure a safe job and making right steps to get there. There is a technology setup that enables the world to work from home in this situation of pandemic. If you have decided to be there and perform to the best of your ability then you must know the upcoming technologies. Following are the technologies that are there as part of the emerging technology trend in these times.

Mastering the emerging technology will help land a secure job:

  • Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at the moment an undoubtedly one of the biggest tech trends happening this year. It is no more a fiction and contributing to the growth of all industries and having a profound impact on virtually every aspect of daily life. It has become a valuable tool enabling us to interpret and understand the world around us. Take instance of healthcare industry the volume of data we are collecting on healthcare, various rates of infection, and the steps we are adopting to prevent the spread of infection will continue to increase. This means the machine learning algorithms are likely to become even more sophisticated as new solutions are created. AI is rapidly gaining foothold in the financial domain with around 54% of financial firms planning to increase investments in AI according to a survey. This will ultimately result in increase of goods and services that are connected to the internet and IoT. The AI market likely to grow to a $190 billion industry by 2025 with global spending on cognitive and AI systems reaching over $57 billion in 2021 itself.  With AI expanding across various sectors, new jobs are likely to be created in development, programming, testing, support and maintenance in the corporate sector. Some of the highest salaries are also being given in this domain with an AI architect drawing in access of $125000 per annum. There will be growth in AI platform services as well that you can subscribe to and that also promise ease of use as these are already configured and up and running. Users of a services then can focus on writing their own distinct code and solve the upcoming business problems. This is working towards changing the way we write code and getting it to the market quickly. You can say its about ease of use, and speed to market and agility. With the growth of AI there is also going to be an increase in effort to secure the AI-powered systems with latest tools. As AI generates more code there will be increase in area for hackers to attack especially in areas where IoT is more active as IoT increases the number of vulnerabilities an organization must deal with. AI will be also used to enhance the system security with machine learning put to use to understand patterns and manage attacks by automating security processes and helping the human security analysts.

  • Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

This is another emerging technology that is going to see big happenings in this year. More and more people are going to put to use the Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). This is referring to the technology that uses enables the user to see computer generated imagery where technology uses glasses or headsets for this purpose. AR is term used when computer generated imagery is superimposed over what the user is viewing in reality. VR is the terminology used when user is put into completely computer generated environment. This year we can expect a quantum jump in use or AR & VR to help manage & tackle challenges posed by the current world situation. This will happen prominently in the area where we wish to avoid viral transmission and dangers associated with it. For instance medical examination and diagnosis can be carried out using AR & VR and done from a remote location. The solution offered to opticians allows eye tests to be carried out by using VR technology. High-end cameras give a complete and clear image of patients’ eyes. An AR tool is then made available to patients that enables the patient to explore range of glasses on offer and see what they look like on their face using the AR and all of this happens in the premises without leaving the home. AR & VR tools will also see prominent use in the education domain where there will be a reduced need to enter crowded classrooms in this pandemic situation. As there is availability of more data of transmission rates, AR tools can be put to use to give out real-time warnings when somebody moves in the areas where infection is supposed to have spread. Even simple steps like making us aware to wash hands when something is touched in the public place and device senses that we have touched our face without washing the hands could help save lives.

  • Blockchain

Blockchain is unique database and a processing system that puts to use the cryptography for record keeping, ensures that there is proper security in place and ensures that all the transactions made are well managed and properly validated. Now is the time of maturity for this unique technology where the industry players are looking to acquire and get the applications using this technology out in the market. This technology is put to many uses with prominent uses being the asset tracking, claims identity management, settlement systems and payment systems. This technology adds value to above uses, Blockchain can do wonders enabling the users using that technology as it has got the potential to enhance trust, bring in transparency, and bring in the much needed exchange of value across business ecosystems. All this brings about major reduction in cost and speed settlement time while bringing improvement in the cash flow.

  • 5G

Faster loading of website pages and opening of videos from YouTube at a greater speed is not the only thing that is going to happen as the technology advances from 3G to 4G and beyond. Each successive advancement in technology from 3G onwards has brought in new use cases for the internet. It was 3G that popularized web browsing faster and data-driven services on mobile devices. 4G went a step ahead and made video streaming & music streaming popular as it lead to the increase in bandwidth. 5G is going to go a step further and bring about quantum changes in the bandwidth. No doubt 5G is the new trendsetter amongst the emerging technologies if we need to highlight the productive output. With the onset of 5G the services relying on advanced technologies like Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality will have more users. Also the cloud based services and advanced As a Service model will become more easily usable due to 5G services. With the advent of 5G services the other more widely used networking sources like cables and fiber-based networks are likely to go redundant as 5G gives more freedom to be used from any location and does not tie the consumer to one location. Complex machine learning applications relying on live access to Big Data sources can be covered on the field leveraging the automation and 5G services. It is very useful for business houses looking to go in for automation of complex business related issues.

  • Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is another domain that is going to see a major change with onset of new technologies and processes to help enhance the security services in the coming times. Nowadays there is so much data available that there is increase in use of the data and an enhanced focus on data-driven policing and finding various ways of managing data breaches & cyberattacks. Users are going to be more aware of vulnerabilities, and how the breaches happen and what are the outcomes of those breaches. With digitization of business there is going to be growth of data. According to Gartner there would be nearly 70% of businesses engaging in personal data archiving a rapid increase from the past. With the growth of data in the businesses there is likelihood of more technologies coming into picture that protect data as businesses grow their digital footprint. At the same time the security companies will be building analytics to identify planned security breaches that have already occurred or that are being planned to be attacked. There are provisions being made to look for data and assets on the dark web giving sufficient time for the owners of that data to take necessary steps of protection. The cybersecurity focus is going to evolve and change, and get enhanced to manage the challenge and also consider AI and IoT enhancements for security purposes.

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